Testimonials — Read what past participants say about the workshop

The AirTies sales and marketing team attended Ken’s workshop on strategic selling. The insights we learned about the type of customer we should target -- “challengers” versus “defenders” -- significantly improved our performance. In the meantime, we have won major contracts at BSkyB in the UK, at France Telecom/Orange in France, and at Swisscom.

Executive Chairman & Co-founder AirTies
Istanbul, Turkey

Personally, I would not have believed that the key strategies for a successful sales cycle could be taught. But I saw it for myself, with the important messages conveyed with understandable examples and success stories based on real life experiences. Ken has a unique ability to inspire and motivate us during the course. What I learned will be 'sticky' for my entire professional life. I strongly recommend this game-changing course to tech companies who would like to scale internationally. It is appropriate for every sales person, and for engineering leaders who should have a better understanding about the importance of sales. 

Owner & CEO
P.I. Works
Kocaeli, Turkey


Ken Morse is the most results oriented entrepreneur, I have ever met. Not only does he tell you “what to do”, but also explains in a clear manner “why”, “how", "where", and "when" to do it right and eventually achieve your ambitious objectives. He provides all the critical strategies needed to turn your company into a global success story. Ken provides his messages consistently with such wisdom and a wonderful sense of humor that you never miss or will forget any of his messages.  I feel lucky to have attendedthe workshops in the program led by Ken Morse, and I would like to thank the Sponsors who helped make these courses possible.

Managing Director
Istanbul, Turkey

I attended the “Global Sales Course” taught by Ken in Istanbul and was so impressed that I decided to send my top people to this course every time Ken came to Turkey. It appeared to be the best investment I ever did for myself and my company: we restructured our management team, hired “A” people who are now bringing more “A” people to our team. Before meeting Ken, Figensoft had two international locations. We now have 4 international offices, and are growing globally.“


I highly recommend the workshop on Global Sales Strategies to anyone interested in improving their effectiveness and success rate. The material is excellent; the presentations are compelling. Ken and Laura are not only experienced business professionals, but also they are excellent teachers, focusing on the right material at the right level. Both give life to the challenges and needs which the contemporary sales person and the sales team are facing. I also appreciated the quantitative view on the sales process and, especially, on the need to quantify the value proposition. Great learning experience!

Director Product Engineering
P. I. Works
Kocaeli, Turkey

Ken, I would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity you gave me at the education session to compare my own activities as CEO of DataSel to the activities that are expected from CEOs in the international arena... I learned a lot!!

President & CEO
Ankara, Turkey